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Stargun is a space shooter, vertical scroller game. It's platform independent (or at least it is the objetive). The target OS are Windows and Linux. There are plans to port Stargun to BeOs, FreeBSD and Amiga.

Stargun is written in C++ and uses SDL library.

This project is under GPL lisence.

Change Log

0.2 --

  • Music & sound added
  • Joystick support
  • Levels support
  • some bugs fixed

0.1.1 -- The first release. Only basic things are made so you can't say StarGun is a game yet.

  • Scrolling
  • Hero and enemies
  • Shots
  • Explodes
  • Lifes


0.2 Version

Win32 binary StarGun.v0.2.win32binary.zip
Win32 source StarGun.v0.2.win32source.zip
Linux source StarGun.v0.2.LinuxSource.tar.gz
AmigaOS Version Thanks to Tony Aksnes for this great port to this great computer.
Download Here.
Maemo (Nokia 770) Version Hosted in garage.maemo.org.
Download Here.

0.1a Version

Win32 Stargun0.1.1 Binary
Win32 Source Stargun0.1.1 win32 source
Linux Stargun0.1.1 Binary
Linux Source Stargun0.1.1 linux source
Beos binary (thanks Gus) Stargun0.1.1 Beos

Project Members

  • Alberto García Serrano (Sherpa). Programming.
  • Looking for an art designer.

Contact Me

You can contact me at: albgarse AT users.sourceforge.net

(c) Alberto García Serrano.